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Message of Dr. Zamani for "Global Exhibition Day - 2021"

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company (I.I.E.C PR), Advisor to the Minister of Industry - Mine and Trade, Chairman of the Board & Managing Director of the I.R.Iran International Exhibitions Company (I.I.E.C), Dr. Hassan Zamani sent a message on the occasion of the Global Exhibitions Day ceremony with the following text:

Congratulations on 2nd June 2021, the Global Exhibition Day to all activists in this industry whom their commendable efforts, despite the difficult conditions, have kept the exhibition torch burning.

During 2020, spread of COVID-19 had massive impact on all economic sectors, especially exhibition industry, which is one of the most important and effective marketing tools. The 224 billion dollars collapse as a result of pandemic has been unprecedented in history.

Fortunately, the Global Association of the Exhibitions Industry in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and principal European exhibition centers succeeded to prevent the closer or cancelation of exhibitions by preparing and presenting health and safety protocols in the first half of the 2020, at the earliest time possible and this action deserves the utmost gratitude and appreciation.

Iran International Exhibition Company by observing health and safety protocol has been successful to organize more than half of the listed exhibitions in its calendar which played very important role in the economic affluence and export development of the country. These specialized exhibitions were intended only for the visit of business owners and exporters.

Due to the steady decline in the spread of the COVID-19, this year, up to 97 specialized exhibitions are considered in our exhibitions calendar that the Iranian and foreign industry owners and traders will participate at and offer their latest industrial and technological achievements.

On the Global Exhibition Day we will do our best efforts to:

1-      Appreciate all the individuals and companies whose activities have contributed to the prosperity and continuance of the exhibitions.

2-      Create new culture to introduce the important role of exhibitions to overcome the economic recession and help to expand the importance of this marketing tool.

3-        Identify the problems and challenges of the exhibition industry in the national and international dimension (elimination of suspension for Iran’s membership in UFI) and provide officials with logical and practical solutions.

Once again I take this chance to express my appreciation to all people, companies, organizations, local and international associations which are involved in expanding exhibition industry and solving the problems in different Approaches.

Hassan Zamani

Adviser to the Minister of Industry – Mine and Trade,

Chairman of the Board & Managing Director of

The I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company


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