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Information participants 2018-2019

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Row Title Download file
23 The 14th Iran Int’l Water & Wastewater Exhibition Download file
24 The 3th Int’l Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Related Industry (IFEX 2018) Download file
25 The 18th Tehran Int’l Industry Exhibition Download file
26 The 11th Int'l Nanotechnology Exhibition Download file
27 The 17th Int'l Exhibition of exercise and sports equipment (Sportex 2018) Download file
28 The 5th Int'l Exhibition of Bags, Shoes, leather & Related Industry Download file
29 The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating) Download file
30 The 18th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition Download file
31 The 14th Int’l Exhibition of Mine,Mining,Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment Download file
32 The 13th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition Download file
33 The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances Download file
34 The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy Download file
35 The 25th Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery Download file
36 The 4th Int’l Exhibition Of Hospital Building, Infrastructure, Installation Equipment & Related Industries Download file
37 The 5th National Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals Exhibition (IRAN LAB) Download file
38 First International Pharmacopoeia Veterinary Exhibition in Iran Download file
39 The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services Download file
40 The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries Download file
41 The 12th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores Download file
42 International Franchise Exhibition couferance Tehran Business show 2019 Download file
43 The 4th Int'l Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies of Health,Safety,Environment,Firefighting Download file
44 The 8th Int’l Exhibition of Office Furniture Download file
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