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Information participants 2015-2016

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Row Title Download file
25 The 21st Int,l. Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E - Commerce Download file
26 The 22nd Pack, Print & Related Machineries Int,l. Exhibition Download file
27 The 12th Int,l. Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related Industries Download file
28 The 3rd Int,l. Exhibition on Nuts , Dried Fruits & Related Industries Download file
29 The 9th Int,l. Exhibition of goods, Services and Equipment Stores and Chain Stores Download file
30 Italian Solo Exhibition Download file
31 The 6th Int,l. Exhibition of Modern House, Architecture, Interior Design Download file
32 The 8th Int,l. Exhibition of Cement, Concerte, Manufacturing Technology & Related Services Download file
33 23rd Intl Exhibition of Chandeliers & Decorative Lights Download file
34 The 7th Door & Windows Technology Int,l. Exhibition Download file
35 The 7th Int,l. Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation & Related Machineries Download file
36 The 8th Int,l. Exhibition of Gold. Silver, Jewellery, Watch & Related Industries Download file
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