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Title Year Author Detail
Development of Exhibitions Markets 2014 Erick Oyrard Detail
Predicting public consumer exhibitions 2014 Detail
The appearance and performance of modern exhibition venues 2014 Detail
The statistics of the world exhibitions industries 2014 Detail
The Exhibition Industry in the Middle East & Africa 2011-2012 Report 2014 Maryam Mohammadi Seresht Detail
Report the exhibition industry UFI 2014 Maryam Mohammadi Seresht Detail
Report industry statistics show in the world UFI November 2012 2014 Maryam Mohammadi Seresht Detail
The Strategy of Exhibitions Activities in Developing Non-Oil Exports 2014 Dr. Mahmood Haghverdi Detail
World map of the exhibition centers in December 2011 2012 World Association of Exhibition Industry Detail
The Design and Decoration of Exhibition Stands 2011 Sei’d Hussein Mir Zafarjooyan Detail
Report concerning the fairs’ members of UFI 2011 Detail
Packaging 2011 Narges Afrasiabi Detail
The Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Fair Industry 2011 Detail
The World Trade Centers’ Association WTCA 2011 Detail
The Exhibition Industry Evolution in the Contemporary World 2010 Mohammad Elmi Detail
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