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Guard division - Frequently asked questions

1) How should the persons in charge and participants dress?

Ans.: Women under any titles (whether stand holders, incumbents or persons in charge) should observe the following attire: veils and uniforms fully official and unified and with the observance of Islamic religion and traditions. Therefore, the law strictly forbids that women wear short sticky tight and body showing dresses, shawls, or headdress, and abnormal wearing of make-ups out of Islamic rituals. Any men dress for display stand holders too in any circumstances whether suits and stylistic hairs, should comply Islamic dignities.

2) What are the processes of getting confirmation for using films and advertising CDs?

Ans.: It is permissible to show advertising films and CDs of companies with the confirmation of Public Relation Affairs dept. and the guard staff; however, the sound should be in appropriate tune within the stand space.
    Installation of any equipment for advertising should be coordinated with the relevant authorities. These activities, however, would be banned by the Guard Staff, in case of producing any disturbance for other exhibitors.

3) How are the terms and criteria for presence of persons in charge of the stands and participants?

Ans.: The attendants in a stand (as stand holder) are obliged to use identity cards confirmed by the Guard Division. The number of attendants in stands should also be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Int’l Exhibitions Company, so the guests are not allowed to stand by the counter and answer the visitors’ random questions.

4) How should be any advertising affairs whether CDs, tracts and brochures distribution outside the stands?

Ans.: The regulations forbid doing any advertising outside the stands.

5) Do the persons in charge of display stands and participants have any rights for selling during the days of exhibiting?

Ans.: the regulations forbid selling any exhibition article during exhibiting.

6) What hour’s exhibition open, and when is the time of plump and the manner of attending of visitors, participants, and stand attendants?

Ans.: It is 9.00 a.m. Therefore, the attendance of participants and the respecting stand personnel one hour before breaking the hall plump is obligatory.

7) During the halls, business who is the person in charge of stands properties?

Ans.:The responsibility of preservation of stand properties during the hall activity is upon the participants themselves.

8) What management coordinates the holding of matches,competitions,lotteries, and or ceremonies?

Ans.: Any competitions and or different ceremonies should be holding under the surveillance of guard and public managements.

9) How long should the persons in charge of stands and participants be present at the stands?

Ans.: the stand holders are obliged not to leave during the terminating hours of exhibiting and prior to visitors going out and at least one of them must be present at the time of hall plumping.

  10) Who is in charge of keeping and caring of the personal properties of the stand holders’ persons in charge of affairs and participants’?

Ans.: Protecting personal properties any articles such as cameras, film cameras, and videos, lap tops, cell phones, cashes, records and documents, hand bags etc. during the hours of exhibiting is upon the owners themselves and one should absolutely avoid putting them in counters.

11) To whom should the persons in charge and participants inform at the beginning time of the halls doors opening in the case of incidences such as thefts, disturbances of some individuals, fire breakout, and quarreling?

Ans.: In the case of any such events, inform promptly the hall manager or established disciplinary police personnel at the hall.

12) To whom should the persons in charge and participants refer to in the case of events such as thefts, breakage and… at the beginning time of the halls door opening?

Ans.: At the time of opening the doors at the beginning of entering the stands in the case of noticing any thefts, breakages and… at the first convenience opportunity and prior to visitors entering (between 8.00 to 8.30) inform the proceedings in a written report to hall manager and physical protection forces.

13) Can the persons in charge of stands and participants keep any inflammable devices such as heaters, cigarettes, gas capsules, and candles and the lights and tools inside the stands?

Ans.: It forbids keeping and using such inflammable tools and devices inside the stands.

  14) How is buying and preparing food at the exhibition location?

  Ans.: Avoid buying any food from the unauthorized unidentified visitors due to hygienic problems and safety regards and in the case of preparing food outside the exhibition complex obtain necessary confirmation through executive management.

15) How are the terms of using personal cars in the exhibition location?

Ans.: During the days of construction and disassembly of stands, cars commutation to the complex has forbidden and in the same days only the cargo cars has permission to commute. At the same time, lift trucks will move the unauthorized parked cars outside the exhibition location.

16) Who is the person in charge of stands and participants during moving articles to outside, and what records needed?

Ans.: The transportation of any articles to outside requires submitting the relative authorized sheet.

17) Who is the responsible person for guarding and protecting open air stands during the day and night times?

Ans.: In that case the responsibility is for the participant therefore before the exhibition beginning, while completing the relative forms (should be referred to physical protection) take actions to introduce and establish somebody for night custody.

18) Can the persons in charge of the stands affairs and participants carry tools such as weapons, walky-talky, wirelesses, handcuffs, etc.?

Ans.: It is forbidden to carry such weapons and devices.

19) What are the consequences of any probable tensions and troubles, which may cause disorders in the environment of international exhibition by the persons in charge and the incumbents of interior affairs and participants?

Ans.: All the respectful participants should seriously take care to avoid creating any tensions, which may lead to disruption in the environment of exhibitions. Otherwise, the guard bureau has permissions to close the wrongdoer’s stand and the stand holder might deprive his power to his right of any protests to the judicial and disciplinary authorities.

20) Due to what rules and regulation, the power may be off and closeness of stand may threat the participants.

Ans.: It is important to mention that with the observance of the above – mentioned matters and the undertaking that you would agree for the below matters in the case of non-observance of any rules and regulations by that stand, the guard will take actions to interrupt electricity and closeness of that stand and the responsibility thereof will be upon yourself.


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