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Division of Insurance and Customs - Frequently asked questions

1) In the case that exhibition articles are not released in due time, who is the person in charge of compensating the loss?

Ans.: If any participants, in the form of exchange in interior exhibitions, and are not, for any reasons, able to release their articles thru the base country customs corridor (temporary transit entrance) the compensation of loss and release is upon the participant and Exhibition Company has no responsibility in this regard.

2) Through which processes the certificate of participation confirmation acquired?

Ans.: The conductors in the case of exhibitions customs activity continuation in the times of non-official hours and holidays shall submit their requests 48 hours prior to exhibition holding to management of executive affairs.

   3) To whom should we refer to for covering the insurance at the site of Islamic Republic International exhibitions?

Ans.: the exhibitions conductors shall prepare and submit the below letters of insurance with observing the terms stipulated in the attached instructions of the relative contract.

  • Letter of insurance of incidences, accidents, fire breakouts and thefts
  • Letter of insurance the financial and civilian responsibility versus the staff employees , halls managers and subcontractors
  • Letter of insurance the financial and civilian responsibility versus visitors and referents and third parties

4) How long is letters of insurance extension time?

Ans.: The terms for beginning and ending insurance in accordance with the attached contracts is at least 24 hours before the halls delivery and 48 hours after the termination of each exhibitions and or at least 34 hours after halls evacuation and the exhibition yard of articles and the related equipments with the pertaining exhibition.

5) Upon whom is the undertaking of surveillance on good performance, preparation, and submission of the letters of insurance at the location of Islamic Republic international exhibitions?

Ans.: Management of executive affairs expert enquires and makes surveillance on all interior exhibitions letters of insurances.

6) To whom should we contact for more information about exhibitions letters of insurance?

Ans.: For getting more information, contact the concerned expert in management of executive affairs located at the second floor of the building next to the hall 27 at the location of Islamic Republic international exhibitions company.

7) Are the open display stands at the exhibition location insured?

Ans.: According to third paragraph of insurance affairs attached to the conductors contracts , all the holders of exhibitions shall in the case of exhibition display stands in the open air take action to insure stands with the accidents, incidences and fire breakout and civilian responsibilities in lieu of  visitors and referents and third parties, staff personnel and halls managers.

8) What to do for utilizing from the insurance terms in the events of incidences during exhibiting in the interior halls and or open spaces for the stand staff and employees and third parties during days and nights?

Ans.: besides keeping calmness and providing the first aids promptly call the proceedings to 21912444 the exhibition fire extinguishing department and 21912555 the exhibition emergency and 21913070 of exhibition disciplinarians head.

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