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Designing and stand decoration division - Frequently asked questions

1) What instructions, rules, and regulations do Tehran international exhibition have for stand making and decoration?

  • The handbook of designing and stand decoration in relationship with exhibition conductors is available for the participants

  • The executive regulation manual of the contractor’s competence in making assembling stands

2) What does exchange or Rial stand mean?

Ans.: In fact, it does mean articles or participants obtained in either exchange or Rial because in reality there are neither such stands as exchange nor Rial.

3) What kind of stand making should we use?

Ans.: It depends on three factors:

  • The budget allocated for making the required stand
  • Good taste
  • The kind of work considered for exhibition articles.

4) What are criterion and credit for selecting the location of display stand?


  • The time for registration and payment for the stand rental
  • The measure of stand area
  • The kind of articles ( Exchange or Rial)
  • Articles groupings
  • records

5) What is the authorized height of stand in exhibition halls of Tehran international exhibition?

Ans.: it is different in various halls, which listed, in the overall stand designing and decoration regulations.

6) On what basis the cost of stand making is determined.

Ans.: It bases on considered materials for designing and making stands, it is notable to say that the prefabricated stands are commonly with lower prices compared with the readymade to assemble stands.

7) What is the definition of equipped stand and non-equipped stands?

Ans.: the equipped stand refers to a stand that exhibition conductor makes for participant and non-equipped  refers to a stand which has just its space dedicated to as empty and the stand make up operation will be by the observance of the primary concerned participant or by stands make up company.

   8) What are the definitions of prefabricated (Modular) stand and the assembly stand and their differences?


A)   The modular stand refers to a stand that follows the personal standards in sizing and the pieces type by the reliable production and industrial factories which have capability for simple frequent uses (assemblage and disassembly) and there is no need for further completing operation in exhibition halls and includes parts such as panel, base, gate cover, light box and dividers.

B) The assembly stand refers to a stand which all or part of it has made from once usage materials and constructed in a non-industrialized workshop, which follows a particular definite standard and sizing, and in the time of installation needs complementary make up at exhibition hall.

9) What is the extension time of stand make up?

Ans.: It is three to four days 

10) What is the extension time of stand pick up?

Ans.: It is one to two days 

   11) In the case that a stand is an assembly one how many days prior to exhibition, does it take to submit the design, drawing up and stand documentations to the conductor?

Ans.: the participant is required to take action in such a way that exhibition conductor could submit the stand design and all the relative records and documents to management of designing and stand decoration 72 hours prior to hall delivery ( the hall delivery is three to four days before exhibition opening)      

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