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Foreign exhibitions Division – Frequently asked questions

  1) What is an overseas exhibition?

  Ans.: It is referred to those exhibitions which is set up in different countries for providing beds of affording and displaying articles and services, technologies and the capabilities of participants with the objective of information transference, meeting and negotiation with potential and actual customers and products and services marketing.

  2) What are the types of  overseas (foreign) exhibitions?


    International Commercial Exhibitions: It refers to those overseas exhibitions that participation therein is possible for producers and exporters of all groups of articles and services in the frame of subject classification.

  International Expertise Exhibitions: It refers to those overseas exhibitions that participation therein is dedicating to producers, exporters; and deliverer of services in the realm of some particular subject of that exhibition, and conductor bases it on the submitted classification.

  Private Exhibitions:  It refers to those exhibitions that set up in the concerned country (target country) and merely held for the intention of display and delivery of products, manufactures, and services and capabilities of Iranian participants.

  Global Exhibitions (EXPOs): it refers to those exhibitions that are under the surveillance of Bureau of International Exhibitions, which often held in one of the country members that BIE has approved its request. They set up based on a main subject in relation with one of the world today problems (and the relative sub-subjects). EXPOs usually holds two groups in four years or five years time cycles.

  3) What are the reasons for participating in overseas exhibition?


  • Development of trade with emphasizing on developing non-oil exports and national income increment
  • To utilize presentation ground in exhibitions for the reason of recognizing competitors. Development and promotion of technical and expertise knowledge and for promotion of standing in the relative realms
  • Expanding presence in export target markets

        4) The information and regulations for participating in foreign countries

  Ans.: All the collection of information, regulations, and terms of participation and presence in foreign exhibitions compiled, regulated, and performed by Islamic Republic of Iran. The collection of regulations relating to any exhibition will be on recalling portal.

  Announcement for participation (pre registration): the participants who intend to have presence in foreign exhibitions should send their request letter for reserving exhibition space and filling in the related forms.

  Definite participation (definite registration): the participants who according to the announced timing program by this company take action for completing and sending the registration documentations and paying all the concerning costs.

5) The persons in charge of participation projects in overseas exhibition:


Project manager:  A representative appointed for planning, organization, and following up all the executive affairs of each exhibition and setting up the pavilion of Islamic republic of Iran in the foreign exhibitions, and who is performing the respective delegate functions for Islamic republic of Iran exhibition company under the surveillance of management of foreign exhibitions. (before- during- and after exhibiting)

   The person in charge of executive affairs: The person takes action to perform the related executive affairs due to the relating exhibition. (Before- during- and after exhibiting)

   6)Types of stand makings in foreign exhibitions:


  The prefabricated modular stand making (standard): the uniformed stands which for making them utilized from prefabricated equipments manageable for fast montage and de-montage and with the capability of recurrence. In this making type of stand, it is usually common to deliver the stand equipments based on the usual stand making standards and /or using the common prefabricated panels.

  Assembled stand making ( specific) : consists of stand making based on a specific design which by consideration of the exhibition subject, the related parts are produced and implemented and the accessory equipments of the stand is delivered to the participants. This type of stand making from the beautification point of view is shapely and for visitors are attractive; however, the cost of making is very high.

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