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Financial Division - Frequently asked questions

1) What is the international exhibitions company’s income account number and how is the manner of payments?

Ans.: the Income account number of the company is 2175799001002 and Sheba IR. 27017000000217599001002  with Bank Melli Iran the exhibition branch code No. 1454 and it receive payments in two ways:

  1.  Through AMT established at management of company’s financial affairs
  2. Through the bank receipt to the said account number ( payable in all branches of Bank Melli Iran)


2) How to pay for contracts and services whether in Rial or Exchange amounts?


  1. Rial payment of the contract to the account of Sheba with Iran Bank Meelli  bearing exhibition code  IR270170000002175799001002
  2. The exchange payment of the contract amount with account number 5003 Euro with Bank Melli Exhibition Branch
  3. 10% payment of the of the amount deposited of contract in the form of bank guarantee letter in the account of international exhibitions company and or paying to the account number of 4001057906374047
  4. Presentation of a check 50% of the contract guarantee to the date of the last day of exhibition and or Hamayesh (Assembly of meetings) in the account number of Islamic Republic of Iran international exhibitions company.

  3) How to acquire contracts held?

Ans.: After presentation of Bank surety bond, the contract copy will be submitted to the official representative of the company.

4) How is the manner of acquiring check and the letter of Guarantee?

Ans.: the stamp with Melli Card and the letter of introduction of the Official representative of the company is obligatory.

  5) How is the tax receipt presentation from the exhibition conductors?

Ans.: The name of the payer stipulated in the tax receipt should be International Exhibitions Company with the Economical Code of 411111436316 and the name of depreciator of the company, should be “payer.” It is necessary to mention that the performance year inserted in the tax receipt is the year of holding contract and the submission time is at most one month.

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