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Export Development by using the Exhibition Diplomacy

These days; the Persian Gulf Hall of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibition Company is located as the place of trade and economic negotiations between 5 countries (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan) and also political and economic officials of our country.

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company (I.I.E.C PR), on the sidelines of the visiting by some officials including Deputy Minister of Economy, Dr. Mohajer and the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia, Dr. Jalali; Advisor to the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Dr. Zamani said:

Although the Eurasian Economic Pact is currently a limited treaty signed between only five countries (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) but more than 50 countries from different continents have announced their readiness to join or cooperate with it.

Countries that have announced their readiness to join or cooperate with the Eurasian Economic Union are included as China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Mongolia, Pakistan, Indonesia and South Korea.

Dr. Zamani added: "In 2020, the value of trade between Iran and the Eurasian Union reached 2.9 billion dollars, which was an increase of 18.5%, compared to 2019, and of course, China"s huge investment of several thousand billion dollars in reviving the Silk Road and crossing this road through these countries of Eurasian Economic Union has added to the importance of the treaty.

He considered the holding of the first exclusive exhibition of Eurasian countries in Tehran International Permanent Fairground as an exceptional and unique opportunity for businessmen, industrialists and economic institutions of our country to get acquainted with the industrial products and export goods of Eurasian countries and it is a great opportunity for marketing our exports products through negotiations with trading partners of these countries too.

*Translated by: A.R Shafie

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