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Dr. Hassan Zamani:

Dubai Expo 2020; opportunity for Iranian exporters

Advisor to the Minister of Industry – Mine & Trade, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company says the Expo International Exhibition would provide Iranian artisans and exporters a good opportunity.

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company (I.I.E.C PR) in an interview with Iran Press, Hassan Zamani stated: "The duty of Iran International Exhibitions Company is to support Iranian producers, and 400 Iranian artisans and exporters are scheduled to participate in the Dubai International Expo 2020."

He noted that an effort had been made to provide the Iranian carpet industry with special support to reach its real position within 6 months of holding the exhibition.

"Of course, to attend the exhibition, we have a lot to say in the fields of steel, mines, oil, gas, petrochemicals, and water," he pointed out.

"It is expected that 40 million people visit the exhibition, 70% of whom come from outside the Middle East," he added.

"We have also facilitated the presence of knowledge-based companies, and we have considered a special discount for these companies to attend the exhibition," Zamani said.

"Support for knowledge-based companies has always been emphasized, and we are in contact with 100 knowledge-based companies and the vice-president for science and technology at the International Exhibition Center," he concluded.

Dubai Expo 2020 will be held from Oct 1, 2021, to Mar 31, 2022, in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Expo 2020 will be held for the first time in the Middle East and is unique in its kind.


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