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Ethical Charter

  " Islamic republic of Iran- International Exhibitions Company Employees’ Charter of Ethics "
In The Name of God

   With submission to the will of Almighty God and in direction of acquiring the consent of the most exalted High God and the maintenance of public benefits and serving to citizens, I, hereby, shall oblige myself to observe the principles of this charter.  

  • Honor of being in the favor of Islamic dignities and the values taken from Islamic revolution of Iran and doing the religious duties especially the decree of doing good and prohibition of wrongdoing
  • Observing orderliness - adornment - punctuality- responsibility- politeness, justice and equity;
  • Believing in taking participating, group working, organizational coherence, observing consciousness and knowing that to work means to worship;
  • Honoring the clients and preserving their personalities and respecting them and making effort to response them in the direction of honest rendering services and transparent, careful, and without having any expectation from them; 
  • The recognizance of the realms of my authorities and responsibilities and those of colleagues which have direct working relationships and also having awareness and knowledge from rules and regulations in direction of performing works in optimal manner;
  • Reflection, interaction and cooperation with other employees, creation and having initiatives in doing affairs and researching to access and to introduce modern values for submitting suitable services and promoting the level of science and knowledge in relation with descriptions of functions;
  • Observing the rules and regulations and preservation of public treasury and avoidance of prodigality and miserliness;
  • Utilizing recommendations and choosing suitable procedures in direction of promoting and improving of affairs;
  • Attending to the necessities of quality policy for the realization of objectives and comprehensive applied programs of company
  • Guidance and delivery of required information to co-workers in performing better services and expedient in performing affairs

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