Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Objective Strategies

   Making efforts in promoting special knowledge of exhibition industry activists in direction of effective attendance in exhibitions to create efficient active mechanisms .

   To organize exhibitions and making efforts in promoting the efficiency of exhibitions company and utilizing the modern means of communicating and creating solid substructures for electronic commerce .

    Corresponding the capacities and gaining great and important achievements in foreign diplomacy division and international relations for developing the exhibition activities .

   Cooperation with Iran trade development organization and Iran chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture for producing a strong formation in exhibition division and reinforcement of export and expertise formations and better exporters in the form of exports club and seeking country better merchants by their attendance at Islamic republic international exhibitions .

   Having regular programs with Iran trade development organization and private division in direction of production and export of special articles and having Iran relative advantage and creation of the continuous attendance for competitive goods in extinguish able form at exhibitions .

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