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Advertising division - Frequently asked questions

1) What are the processes of getting authorization of filming and taking photos in the interior exhibitions?


  • Conductors: the conductors by sending letter to management of public relations and by coordinating with this management should take actions for making film in the relative exhibition.
  • Participants: the participants for photographing from the relating stand should send their requests to management of public relations and coordination for the relative management (the applicants should do all the relative affairs to photographing.)
  • Visitors: the other individuals who intend to photograph are of two groups, one group is those who photograph with common cameras and mobiles, which they can do this by harmonization of the relative display stand. The second group are those who want to photograph with professional cameras they should through a request inform their reasons so that if justified (some are students in this field) with public relation of exhibition should coordinate.     

2) How can the company install advertising signs on one of the interior display billboards and or exhibition billboards? How is way of advertising on radio?

Ans.: for any kinds of advertisement display in the yard and dedicate road of exhibition whether on environmental and on radio the respectful participants should contact the telephones of 22662830-31 of the contractor of Tehran international exhibitions company.

3) Is there the possibility of distributing brochures?

Ans.: there are not any permission for distributing brochures, catalogues, and visiting cards in the yard and exhibition public location; however, participants can merely distribute brochures or any other materials inside the relative stand.

4) What is the manner of distributing advertising gifts and article sample in the exhibition yard?

Ans.: In this regard, the respectful participants should refer the relating expert in the management of public relations and international affairs of exhibition and take actions due to closing contracts for the number of people who intend to do so in the yard of the exhibitions halls.

The advertisement of the interior companies for each person is 2/000/000 Rials + 8% tax of the benefit.

The advertisement of foreign companies for each person is 5/000/000 Rials+ 8% tax of the benefit.

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