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IT division - Frequently asked questions

1) Is internet free for participants during exhibitions?

Ans.: Yes, it is. It is free in accordance with the following terms:

Receiving internet is subject to a written request form, and acquiring enquiry, and the affirmation of management of planning and information. For the required coordination, it is necessary to submit the participants’ completed signed forms to the representative of the management at least 6 days prior to holding exhibition.

2) Might participants connect to internet on the level of exhibition site during the exhibitions?

Ans.: During exhibitions, all the participants may use the internet bandwidth in the form of wireless on the level of exhibition for one hour per day.

3) Could participants use their own internet personal line(s) on exhibition site?

Ans.: Due to eventual frequency interferences between the existing frequency band in the fairground and wireless equipments, none of the participants is allowed to install and launch the mentioned equipments. Nevertheless using personal modems if no causes interferences, is acceptable on condition of realizing prior coordination with the Management of Planning and Information. 

4) How much is the cost of internet bandwidth for exhibitors?

Ans.: It is in accordance with the approved international exhibitions tariffs.

5) Might the exhibitors buy the bandwidth for internet or an organizer/ agent of the exhibition shall do so?

Ans.: Both ways are possible. The applicants may pay to the agent/organizer for all of their requests. The agent at least 6 days before the exhibition would submit the requests to the Management of Planning that will receive the amount from the agent at the end of the exhibition. The applicants may also personally go to the exhibition and pay directly to the account of exhibition. In addition, the agent at the same time can ask for a discount for 64k accounts needed for the necessary number of requests. 

6) Prior to exhibition opening, when is it possible for stand holders to reserve internet bandwidth?

Ans.: At least 6 days prior to exhibitions, it is necessary to submit the application forms and to pay the required fee to the exhibition account. During this time lapse, all required above documents must have been submitted to the manager in charge of Planning. The requests received out of the mentioned deadline would not be attended. 

7) What is the range of bandwidth-ceiling?

Ans.: There is no limitation.

  8) Are there allocated lines for stand holders?

  Ans.: It is possible to have allocated lines according to the request and on required terms.

  9) How is the using of shared lines during the exhibition?

  Ans.: It is in accordance with existing terms stipulated on the sheet of tariffs.

10) Is there any coffee net in the exhibition fairground?

Ans.:  No, there is not.

  11) How you can apply for Internet?

  • Downloading the related form from the following site: “” Or receiving that by personal attendance at the International Exhibitions Company, the Management of Planning and Information that is located at the 1st floor of Public Welfare Building.  You can also receive the form from the manager in charge of each exhibition 
  • Completing and signing the form according to specific deadline
  • Paying the required fee to the following Melli Bank account number: 2175799001002- Branch of Int’l Exhibitions Company- Code no.1454
  • Receiving receipt for your payment from the Management of Financial Affairs and giving it to the person in charge of Internet connections in the Management of Planning & Information 
  • Receiving password to Sign In
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