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The Message of IIEC CEO on the occasion of Global Exhibition Day

The Message of Dr. Bahman Hosseinzadeh
Chairman of the Board & Managing Director
Iran Int’l. Exhibitions Company (IIEC)
On the Occasion of Global Exhibition Day 2020
3 June 2020

Global Exhibitions Day is a good opportunity to appreciate exhibition industry professionals, managers, participants, service providers, who with their efforts, and services, turn the exhibition industry to an important marketing tool for international trade development, international technology transfer, investment attraction, tourism growth, increasing employment opportunities, and achieving many other goals.

In recent decades, all the exhibition industry professionals such as stands makers, Organizers, Associations, Trade Unions, Events Participants, Economic Mass Media, had a great role to various degrees in developing exhibition industry, and generally in economic development of Islamic Republic of Iran. Undoubtedly, without the efforts and great services of them, Iran Exhibition Industry would never have been appeared as one of the most prominent and successful exhibition industries in the Middle East and Africa.

Since COVID-19 outbreak in Dec.2019, the industry- that annually contributes to €290 billion in global GDP, and creates jobs for more than 3 200 000 people around the world- has suffered unexpected significant loss.

Considering over 300 million trade fair visitors from around the world who are getting acquainted with the latest human achievements in the field of technology, new trade and industrial products, we can understand the role of exhibitions/ trade fairs in expanding the economic, social and political relations of countries, and in creating mutual understanding between nations.

Since reopening exhibitions could be one of the most important tools to save the global economy-affected by COVID-19- from unexpected sudden recession, and inevitable economic retreat, and lead it back to recovery and prosperity, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry”UFI” in collaboration with the World Health Organization "WHO”, and other prominent exhibition and convention venues around the world, have released some guides and frameworks for re-opening exhibition industry. Observing, and adopting these guides ensure health and safety of all parts of the exhibition industry, and the visitors. So, I call for the full observance of these guidelines.

I appreciate the efforts of national and international organizations in providing these useful guides, and wishing them success. Meanwhile we are calling on our government, and policymakers to support the industry, and compensate for the losses, and damages during this crucial time, and by immediate consideration of the submitted proposals, contribute to the recovery, and prosperity of I.R. of Iran Exhibition Industry. So the exhibition industry could maintain its role in increasing production, developing non-oil export, and strengthening our economy.


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