Monday, February 27, 2017
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Exchange Rates
exchange rates    27/02/2017
usdus dollar32,404down
gbpbritish pound40,267down
chfswiss franc32,152down
sekswedish krona3,586up
noknorwegian kroner3,871up
dkkdanish krone4,605up
inrindian rupee486down
aed emir. dirham8,824up
kwdkuwaiti dinar106,209up
pkr100pakistan 100 rupees30,944up
jpy100jap 100 yens28,871down
hkdhong kong dollar4,176eq
omromani rial84,205down
cadcanadian dollar24,733down
zarsouth africa rand2,505up
tryturkish new lira9,002up
rubrussian ruble558up
qarqatari rial8,900eq
iqd100iraqi 100 dinars2,744up
sypsyrian pound152eq
audaustralian dollar24,918up
sarsaudi riyal8,640eq
bhdbahraini dinar85,971up
sgdsingapore dollar23,066up
lkr10sri lanka 10 rupees2,133down
npr100nepalese 100 rupees30,305up
amd100armenian 100 drams6,657eq
lydlibyan dinar22,710down
cnychinese yuan4,716down
thb100thai 100 bahts92,972up
myrmalaysian ringgit7,289down
krw1000south korean 1000 wons28,646down
kzt100kazakhstani 100 tenge10,392down
afnafghan afghani487up
bynnew belarusian ruble17,329eq
aznazerbaijani manat18,144up
tjstajikistan somoni4,066eq
vefvenezuelan bolivar3,249up
centeral bank of the iran
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