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Iranian Solo Exhibition held in Syria

Syrian Capital Damascus hosts the second Solo exhibition of Iranian goods during November 29-December 3.

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company (IIEC PR) based on a news on Tehran Times, The exhibition features companies active in a variety of fields including hospital and medical equipment, medicine and treatment, construction industry, architecture, agriculture, livestock and poultry, oil, gas and petrochemicals, police and security equipment, as well as food, water, and electricity.

The steel industry, informatics, doors and windows, elevators, shop equipment and chain stores, motorcycles, automotive industry, textile industry, home appliances, and banking and insurance are also among the areas represented in the mentioned exhibition.

Over the past few years and since the end of the war in Syria, Tehran and Damascus have been taking major steps for expansion of mutual trade ties, and Syria has become one of the major focal points regarding the Iranian government’s plans for boosting non-oil exports to the region.

The two countries have been pursuing the implementation of a free trade agreement signed between the two sides back in 2010 after years of postponement.

The implementation of this agreement with Syria, which the Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister Reza Fatemi Amin is scheduled to pursue during a recent visit to Syria, means that the two countries" traders will be exempt from current export and import restrictions and bans in their exchanges.

Considering Syria’s efforts for reconstructing the country’s war-torn infrastructures in recent years, the construction sector has been one of the major areas that Iran has been focusing on for the expansion of ties with the Arab country.

Commodity items in the fields of housing construction, bridge and dam construction, electricity supply, and technical and engineering services are at the top of the list of exports to the Syria.


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