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the health protocols of reopening the exhibitions will be announced very shortly

 The first policy council meeting of exhibition was held in Tehran International Exhibition center directed by Mr.Bahman Hossein Zade the CEO and the Chairman of the board with the presence of the senior directors of Iran International Exhibition Co. and the representatives of Iran Exhibition organizations.


According to the public relations of Iran international exhibition Co. Mr. Hossein Zade pointed out that the draft of health protocol to reopen the exhibitions have been prepared based on the info announced by the Global Association of the Exhibition ( UFI) and the scrutiny conducted by Iran Exhibition experts and the instructions proposed by National headquarters of administrating coronavirus..In additions,he requested the directors of diverse sections to finalize the provisions of protocols and approve the executive mechanism to present all those involved in running exhibitions in the following meeting.

The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. also said :" the exhibition of The Production Leap and the achievements of Combating the Coronavirus is being held as the first exhibition in Post Coronavirus period which surely inspire other exhibitions in terms  of considering health protocols. Hence . all those involved should  meticulously watch and execute the approved protocols to ease the concern of reopening the exhibitions.


As He also talked about the first event of this year he said  : " We purposefully assigned the first event of this year as  The achievements of Combating Coronavirus , as the local producers truly have done their utmost   and the public especially the youth should be fully aware of their efforts.


The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. emphasized that all health protocols would be precisely practiced . He also said:  " this exhibition will be held with the presence of experts and officials and at the same time this event will be covered with visual and virtual medias for the public.


Mr. Hossein Zade also talked about the messages he received from the damaged people in this industry. He said:" although it is our responsibility to escalate the process of approving the protocols and executing them in order to help those who are damaged in this industry , we need to make rational and reasonable decisions in this concern.



      He strongly emphasized that we are on the same wavelength with  the National headquarters of administrating coronavirus in  reopening the exhibitions and executing the health protocols  .He also said that the seniors of exhibitions in all provinces have been notified  to coordinate with the concerned headquarter of administrating  Coronavirus in their provinces  prior to reopen the exhibitions.


Per as this report, the representatives of exhibition organizations shared their concerns and challenges they have faced in the  recent months in different sections and requested to place their businesses involved in this industry among the damaged business in order to gain the government supports.They also announced their readiness to cooperate with Iran International Exhibition Co. to execute the approved protocols in order to run secured and healthy organizations.

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