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Hygienic protocol submitted to run exhibitions

The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. said the Hygienic protocol and instructions specialized for exhibitions have been approved and handed out .



Mr. Bahman Hoseinzade  the chairman of the board and the CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. also pointed out that the Hygienic instructions are in three practical sections .He said that the first section of the instructions includes the responsibilities and arrangements which need to be taken care by the exhibition centers.


According to Mr. HosseinZade , the most prominent section of the protocol and instructions which is supposed to be carried out by the exhibition centers  is to have disinfection gate sets at the main gates of the exhibition and the entrances of halls, provide mechanized equipment to disinfect the floors, doors, and surfaces of halls, and arrange temperature screening stations cooperated with the Red Cross and security agents .In additions , the centers are obliged to arrange booths to supply visitors and attendees  the hygienic requirements including face masks ,shields ,gloves ,and disinfectants at the main gates and different parts of the exhibition.  Mr. HsseinZade also indicated that the other clause of this instruction which should be observed by the exhibition centers is to provide and arrange mechanized equipment to disinfect hands and shoes at the entrance and exit of the halls ,arrange a central system to support and supply disinfectants and requirements, develop a systematic infrastructure to enroll , pay and receive tickets online and arrange intelligent ticketing mechanism , facilitate the virtual visit of the exhibition through virtual portals and medias, run the opening ceremony without any opening lectures in conference halls and provide booths to sell standard bottled water in different parts of the exhibition  .


Concerning the sanitation and the requirements of the public restrooms, he highlighted that the exhibition centers are obliged to equip the basins with optical sensor faucets, increase the number of basins in public restrooms and provide automatic soap dispensers to pave the ground to minimize Corona spread.

The other arrangements which should be provided by the exhibition centers include providing powerful toilet hand dryers in restrooms, pedal bins to collect face masks and gloves with labels read Specially for Face Masks and Gloves , and separate pedal bins with  labels read Specially for Disposable Dishes and Bottles in different parts of the exhibition .

At the end Mr. Hossein specified that billboards and stands need to installed to provide information and guidelines in open areas , and separate entrance and exit gates for visitors. Besides ,having all entrance and exit doors open for natural optimal ventilation and the activity of The prophet Ibraham mosque per as the given protocol are the other clauses of this hygienic guild lines to run exhibition.


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