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News > upon the follow-ups conducted by the ministry of industry ,mine and trade , the Corona support package is being offered to exhibition industry as well

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The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co. Said “

upon the follow-ups conducted by the ministry of industry ,mine and trade , the Corona support package is being offered to exhibition industry as well

Mr.Hossein Zade announced that a support package will be offered to the exhibition industry and those involved by the government. 

Per as the talk with IRNA ,Mr.Hosseinzade remarked that upon the negotiations and follow-ups conducted by Me. Modares Khiabani –the distinguished administrator of the ministry of industry ,mine and trade – the concerned committee has considered the exhibition industry as the economically affected industry by corona outbreak. Per as the approval of the committee ,t hose involved applicants 
should present their Companies’ national Id Codes in order to have support privilege . 
He added “ per as the arrangements done by the administration of the ministry of industry ,mine and trade , the offered support package is to re-create 33 thousands businesses involved in exhibitions,450 exhibition booth designing companies and more than 100 exhibition executives.
Mr. Hossein Zade indicated that the exhibition industry and related business have called off all activities for the last 4 months upon the outbreak of Covid-19 .He pointed out that the support package –which is offered by the effort of the ministry of industry, mine and trade – is to revive all involved businesses in exhibition industry .
According to Mr. Hossein Zade , in the period of Corona outbreak, to compare with other parts of the world , the production of Iran is less affected due to the shift in production lines from sundries to medical, disinfectants and cleansing products. This trend has preserved the production prosperity in diverse sections of Iran industry .
The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Co . also indicated the condition of the support package and said : the applicants need to submit their National and registration codes of their firms to the exhibition .

Concerning the exhibition of the production leap and the achievements in confronting Corona expo –which is considered the first exhibition of the year - he said “if the required confirmation and approval granted by the National headquarters of administrating covid -19, this exhibition will be held on June 13th 2020 in Tehran .According to the confirmed hygiene protocol , the visitors will only be the experts 
and country high profile officials ,therefore ,no tickets will be sold to the public .It is worth mentioning 
that running this exhibition is to present Iranian Expert abilities in producing the required equipment in 
order to fight against the Corona .

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