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Iran General Commissar of Expo 2020 Dubai said:

Isfahan completes the Medal Shining with a strong presence at Expo 2020 Dubai

Isfahan export opportunities and capacities meeting on Expo 2020 Dubai was held by the presence of Advisor to the Minister, Chairman of the board and managing director of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Dr. Hassan Zamani; Deputy Governor, Mayor of Isfahan, some numbers of government organization managers and also members of Isfahan City Council in Isfahan International Permanent Fairground.

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Dr. Hassan Zamani said in this meeting, regarding the export opportunities and capacities of Isfahan province in Expo 2020 Dubai: “we hope this province completes the medal of brilliance at Expo 2020 as It shines in all fields, considering the potential that exists in Isfahan province.”

The Managing Director of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company and General Commissar of Iran in Expo Dubai, stated: “Expo is the largest economic, commercial, cultural and political event in the world which is attended by 200 countries and lasts for 184 days that we should use the advantages of this opportunity.”

He pointed out: “The activity field is ready for Isfahan and it could take big steps in relation to this province in six months. There is more capacity to work in all fields of the expo. During this period, most commercial contracts should be concluded in the private sector and responsible organizations and use this opportunity; so, according to the capabilities of this province; the managers of Isfahan province should plan for a strong presence of Isfahan in Expo 2020.”

Zamani said in response to the proposal to form the executive headquarters of Isfahan province for participate in Expo 2020: “The headquarters should plan based on the capacities of this province in the four subjects of tourism and handicrafts, steel industry, mining and carpet industries of Isfahan.”

He stated that: “Isfahan will have a special hall in this international expo for a week till 9 days and it can be present in 10 other halls in all fields during the six months of holding the Iranian pavilion.”

The General Commissar of Iran in Expo 2020 Dubai added: "Considering the 50% progress of construction operations, we will take the Iranian pavilion over in June so, one of the brilliant actions is the outside appearance of this pavilion that has prepared by an Iranian company called Al-Makasib; We are currently preparing the content of the pavilion because it will have a great impact on attracting visitors.”

Dr. Zamani stated that: 80% of visitors who will attend the expo are come from outside the region; and he also noticed that it is planned to transfer visitors from Dubai to the Kish and Qeshm Free Islands Zones, Therefore, Isfahan can benefit this opportunity to attract tourists because their presence on Isfahan can brings a lot of prosperity to economy and tourism of this city and could change the view of foreign visitors to Iran when they see our people hospitality.

*Translated by: A.R Shafie

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