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Countdown for a great exhibition event

Islamic Republic of Iran Solo Exhibition will be inaugurated in Yerevan, the Capital city of Armenia tomorrow with the presence of businessmen, merchants and Iranian & Armenian officials; so, it is considered as one of the largest foreign exhibition pavilion of our country.

According to the reporting by the Public Relations and International Affairs of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company (I.I.E.C PR), regarding the participation of Iranian companies which are participate in the Islamic Republic of Iran Solo Exhibition in Armenia; Deputy of the Exhibition Affairs, Mr. Mohammad Javad Ghanbari and also Project Manager of the Islamic Republic of Iran Solo Exhibition in Armenia and the Manager of the public relations and international affairs of the I.R.IRAN International Exhibitions Company, Mr. Hamid Reza Amoli which are present in the Expo Center of Yerevan, announced the full readiness of all companies in this exhibition and all the participants present during the last two days. They added that the booth construction of this exhibition is completed and most of the participants are arranging their goods too.

They also said that: "Armenia is one of the countries in the Eurasian region that is considered as a strategic gateway to this region and its market can be considered as a launching pad for producers and exporters of our country for better participate on the international markets."

These officials also called this event as the largest foreign specialized exhibition of our country after the corona pandemic, which will open tomorrow with the presence of more than 100 participants. However, the numbers of applicants to participate in this exhibition were more than this amount and due to space constraints, many of them could not book a place and the space allocated for this exhibition was filled earlier than scheduled.

They also added that: "According to the new approach of the Advisor to the Minister of Industry - Mines and Trade, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran International Exhibitions Company, Dr. Hassan Zamani; this exhibition will be held professionally and in a completely wider and different form with the presence of different sections and various departments in the fields of energy, construction, food and other sectors, by establishing a good coordination between the Iran-Armenia Chamber of Commerce and other related sectors to make a better and more glorious great event. It is also expected that the Iranian Solo Exhibition will be visited by numerous merchants, traders and enthusiasts from the Yerevan and its neighboring provinces."

It should be noted that, coordination meetings are being held with our embassy in Yerevan continuously and it is hoped that, by the good coordination with the Iranian embassy in Armenia; we will witness the most glorious holding of this exhibition as a turning point in relations between Iran and Armenia.

It is worth mentioning that the Islamic Republic of Iran Solo Exhibition in Armenia will be inaugurated tomorrow in the Yerevan Expo Center and it will continue until 13th June 2021.

*Translated by: A.R Shafie

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